Things to Do in Banff During Winter!

We take great pride at TCS Charter Services in providing you with the best and most reliable bus transportation to and from Banff National Park. Allowing you and your group to sit back and relax in your very own luxury charter bus rental with a friendly driver chauffeuring you to some of the many amazing things to in Banff.

Banff National Park is the first national park in Canada and the third created in the world. The park is approximately 6641 square kilometers of jagged peaks (perfect for skiing), alpine meadows, massive glaciers, and sparkling streams. Visiting Banff during the winter months is a wildly different experience than during summer. Banff comes alive during the winter and some of the best and most memorable experiences in Banff take place when the temps hit 0! Here are some of our favorite things to do in Banff during winter!

things to do in banff - dog sledding - TCS Charter Services

Dog Sledding

There’s nothing more exhilarating than being pulled by an energetic pack of dogs through beautiful winter landscapes. Glide swiftly across a fresh dusting of snow, where the only sounds are the soft thuds of husky paws and the jingle of their collars. Dog sledding in Banff is a way of life and many tour companies invite intrepid travelers to take part in this amazing and one of a kind scenic adventure through the Canadian wilderness.

things to do in banff - ice skating Lake Louise

Ice Skating at Lake Louise!

Ice skate in one of the most majestic, natural ice skating rinks in the world. When the temps drop below freezing Lake Louise freezes over allowing visitors who make the trek up the mountain to glide from one end of it to another and take in this amazing natural landmark in new and unexpected ways. If you forgot your skates you can rent a pair at one of the nearby shops, or stop into the Chateau and watch the skaters while you sit by the fire with some warm cocoa in hand

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Ice Festival

Another activity that takes place annually at Lake Louise! Stop in during the 2nd or 3rd week of January to visit the Ice Magic Festival held at the Chateau Lake Louise Hotel. You can take part in fun activities like ice skating and snowshoeing or watch artisan ice sculptors create massive works of art out of ice! Fun for the whole family, the Ice Magic Festival draws visitors from all over.

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