Our Team

Name Title Email
Terry Fischer President [email protected]
Sales Department
Kathryn Fischer Vice President of Sales [email protected]
Lesleigh Campise Director of Sales [email protected]
Priscilla Wopin Sales Manager [email protected]
Ashley Jones Sales Manager [email protected]
Nereyda Orozco Sales Administrator [email protected]
Kevin Fischer Vice President of Operations [email protected]
Jerry Justice Director of Operations [email protected]
Dave Jeffers Operations Manager [email protected]
David Hampton Assistant Operations Manager [email protected]
Aaron Ojeda Executive Director of Maintenance [email protected]
Marc Vigneault Director of Maintenance – Canada [email protected]
Joey Dares Parts Manager [email protected]
Tracey Fischer Maintenance Administration [email protected]
Jonathan Flores Safety Manager [email protected]
Brianna McClintock Training & Development Manager [email protected]
Jeff Schatz Health & Safety Manager [email protected]
Candice Martinez Controller [email protected]